Agenda March 2014 General Body Meeting

LGSC Leadership Positions 2014-2015

Group of students interested in keeping LGSC active next year. Review position descriptions.

Budget Updates

Review proposed events from comments section. 

Latino Civic Association Updates

See Elizabeth’s comment below

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5 Responses to Agenda March 2014 General Body Meeting

  1. Elizabeth Fox says:

    1) Moving outreach of Platicas to downtown (schools, library, etc), potentially during Latino Heritage Month (Sep 15-Oct 15), but not necessarily.
    2) Latino Calendar of events – way to collaborate events with Ithaca community, undergraduates, etc. Similar to SOC calendar (or in addition to?)
    3) Nominating an “at-large” position on LCA’s board for LGSC spot (can be possible with rotating member from LGSC)
    4) Other: Ithaca parade + costumes?, fundraising, summer picnic coordination, Latino Heritage month activities (including Latino Leadership Summit a la SHPE)

  2. Elizabeth Fox says:

    Sunday, March 23, 2014, 2:30 – 5:30pm
    LGSC Community Outreach: The FLANdango event is a free family friendly event featuring Latin American food and music, kids’ activities and more! Latin American sweet and savory treats will be available for purchase. Proceeds from this event will go to sponsor CULTURA events in the future. A panel of guest judges will give prizes for the best dessert at the event! More information:

    I was hoping to submit recipes via LGSC (dulce de leche cortado and/or dulce de coco) and have a team representing LGSC at the event. I think this would be a great way to reach out and be involved in the Ithaca Latino community. Wanted (a) to see if LGSC members would be interested in helping, tabling and/or attending the event, (b) if LGSC would be willing/able to refund me for the costs of the desserts that are made (~$30?… cost dependent on how much needs to be made for the event)

  3. Helen Trejo says:

    GPSAFC Annual budget info session
    April 12, 2 to 4 pm @ 115 Sibley
    Budget Applications due on OrgSync
    April 25, 4pm
    Special Project Request
    April 4, 4pm to Marie Roller 525 WSH
    Deadline for reimbursements/ payments
    May 27

  4. Elena Guzman says:


    A film screening of 2 films by NYIHA Media
    1) The Challenge of Co-Existence
    The Challenge of Co-Existence explores migration within the global South and population movement from the South to the North driven by human aspirations for better living conditions. It compares Haitian migration to Dominican Republic to Dominican migration to Spain.
    2) Human Rights in Quisqueya
    Human Rights offers a digital tapestry of divergent views on Haitian contributions to the Dominican Republic. With unprecedented access to both the powerful and the disenfranchised, this film brings to life the challenges of social integration. The transnational experience provides the intellectual framework of this project. This film involves the master narrative involving resentful political elites concerned about the impact of Haitian migration on Dominican Republic.

    We request funding in order to bring film director and NYIHA media director Steeve Coupeau to Cornell to hold a discussion after the film screening related to the recent ruling in the Dominican Republic which has stripped hundreds of thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent of their citizenship and nationality.

    Date: Tentatively April 17-19, but potentially later in April/beginning of May depending on room availability and the speaker’s availability.
    Approximate TOTAL budget*: $1029.50

    Transportation via Shortline: $90 roundtrip
    Honorarium: $500
    Food: catering from La Cocina Latina $350
    Lodging: $89.95 for a 1 night stay at the Super 8 Motel **

    *Budget may be increased if anthropologist Gina Athena Ulysse decides to participate in the event. Still awaiting confirmation.
    **Speaker prefers to stay at a hotel but is willing to stay on campus housing if unable to raise additional funds.

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