Agenda April 18, 2014 General Body Meeting


Please see this document for a detailed explanation of leadership roles and duties. If you are interested, but can’t make it to the meeting, please email

BUDGET 2014-2015

Come hear about events for next year’s budget, and also share your ideas for additional events that can be included.

UPDATES SOC BANQUET: AD White House Monday April 21 @ 5-8pm

The annual diversity graduate student banquet will be filled with performances, awards, food, drinks & friends! It is a collaboration between LGSC, CLASS, BGPSA, IGSA & SAAGA. 

Event will have free food, drinks, and wonderful performances from local dance groups–including Palante! 🙂

This event also provides students the opportunity to be recognized for accomplishments during 2013-2014. Associate Dean Sheri Notaro will recognize any students who:

1. Are GRADUATING! (If so, congrats! Please tell us which degree and department.)

2. Pass their (Q, A, B exams, or other important exams)

3. Have received grants, fellowships, recognition, awards in 2013-2014

4. Have presented or published any research work in 2013-2014

5. Are Officers (provide titles)

6. Other noteworthy accomplishments

Please fill out the Google Doc ASAP.

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1 Response to Agenda April 18, 2014 General Body Meeting

  1. lgsccornell says:

    Would LGSC members be willing to provide a donation for Palante performers for their general costume fund? We believe it is important to consider because they are providing an artistic service that requires investment and is extremely valuable for the Cornell and Ithaca community. Moreover, Latin dance performed in authentic costume captures the imagination and generates interest in our cultures, as can be said for all dance. Performance in costume is a goal of Palante. They need help to accomplish this. The funds can come from the remaining LGSC budget. Suggested donation: $100 (however, anything less is also appreciated).

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